Bubbly & Ice

What I’ll be Drinking
I love trying new creative drinks and even more I love glassware. So I also love thinking of what to bring to Dinner in White SLC in regards to beverages.

If I have time, I’d like to try making this recipe: Rachel Ray’s Honey-Vanilla lemonade. I’m also toying around with making Emril’s Strawberry Lemonade. But chances are I will end up at
Pirate O’s.

When it comes to shopping for international and specialty items, Pirate O’s is one of the most unique and darn right fun grocery shopping experiences you can have in the Salt Lake Valley. They also have a special room just devoted to drinks. It’s not to be missed.

If you’re looking for  a classy looking bottle to go with your chic evening, they’ve got a variety of options, but then again they also have a peanut butter and jelly soda. (It actually does taste a bit like a p&b sandwich.) They are located at 11901 S. 700 E. in Draper.

Note from Dinner in White SLC: Just a reminder to please refrain from bringing alcohol since the location may be on public grounds.

What I’ll be Drinking From
I will be bringing glass goblets because at heart I am a 75 year-old woman. I love every one of these goblets in the picture, and I’m sure that they can all be found at Deseret Industries in that glass section that looks like you grandmother’s house. It’s also known as my favorite section.

What about the Ice?

I’m not a fan of ice, but I kind of like the thought of putting my drink on ice. I think the one pictured below is real nice. Just not sure where one gets a monogrammed ice bucket and if I’d ever use it again. But then again I might make my own creative ice bucket with some white paint and supplies from Home Depot. You’ll just have to find out on September 15.

This blog post was written by former and future Dinner in White SLC attendee Rachel Lewis.