Bite-Size Desserts

Desserts.  I love desserts!  Especially bite-sized ones.

All Dinner in White attendees are encouraged to bring a dessert to share with 10 people.  I’m sure there will be strangers in attendance that I’ve never met.  Sharing a dessert is the perfect way to break the ice with new friends.  I hope that we get a chance to stroll around after dinner and try desserts that everyone else brought as well as meet others in attendance that were not seated next to me.

I’m going to make something that travels well in a plastic container to the event (as all food items are provided by guests) yet still looks amazing once it is placed on a white serving platter.  I’m thinking chocolate dipped shortbread, cake pops, or perhaps even a simple bowl of beautiful strawberries.

If I run out of time and don’t have a chance to bake there are always some great places in Salt Lake City where I could purchase my desserts.  I love the chocolate dipped coconut macaroons at Gourmandise Bakery.  If I want something a little more elegant perhaps I’ll bring a selection from the Les Madelines pastry case.

In any event, I’ll make sure whatever I bring is bite sized, easily shared, and can be eaten with just fingers.  I can’t wait to see what everybody brings!

This blog post was written by former and future Dinner in White SLC attendee Cameron Bailey.